On treasure hunt

On treasure hunt

6 September 2018

Geotek Center is a young and dynamical company located in the middle of Italy. They trade in metal detection systems and electronical material in general. ((www.geotekcenter.it)

In the context of a hobby group “Metal Detection Adventures” which was created around this activity, a metal detection day was organized. . (https://www.facebook.com/byPLCmedia/)

On this day a race with a metaldetector took place.

They were around 3000 tokens hidden under the ground and of course who managed to find the most tokens was the winner.

There were participants from all over Europe.

The detected and found tokens could be taken home by the participants as a souvenir.

We made the tokens in two different kinds of material. Gold colored tokens were made in brass and silver colored tokens made in aluminium.


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