Mauquoy cleans up and is having a party

11 August 2017

Cleaning (up) en having a party are perfectly combinable. Mauquoy Token Company proved that last month. In order to cope with the steady growth of Mauquoy Token Company, the building next door was bought at Zone Reme in Westerlo. This will imply a doubling of the office and production surface. At the latest the beginning […]

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Mauquoy takes care of the “finishing touch” for plastic outdoor furniture.

4 August 2017

Lignarius is a company, specialized in tight design outdoor furniture made of massive PP plastic plates. Because of the careful craftsmanship, customization is no problem. The precious welding creates a breathtaking result. Additionally the material is also uv resistant. In order to launch the range of products, LIgnarius organizes a pop up store during the […]

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Vending tokens for Comics Station Antwerp

26 July 2017

Comics Station Antwerp is the new indoor theme park starring the most popular Belgian comic heroes. Spike and Suzy, Jommeke, The Kiekeboes, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke and Urbanus are happy to welcome you! Get ready for a truly unique experience, as this is the first park in the world that’s located in an international train […]

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The Royal Dutch Mint meets Mauquoy Token Company.

11 July 2017

Last week, our colleagues from our sister company the Royal Dutch Mint came to visit us. A visit through the production, an extended explanation about the operations in our company and to conclude an informal sandwich lunch were the ingredients on the program of our Dutch colleagues. While questions were answered, it became clear that […]

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Some very beautiful bi-metal golf driving range tokens spotted !

4 July 2017

Most ball dispensing machines on golf courses work with tokens because it is the cheapest and most comprehensive way to make customers pay for their consumption. By selling tokens in the club house or via a change machine, members can pay with any means they like and there is no machine filled with money on […]

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More than words can say..

22 June 2017

One image says more than a thousand words. That’s for sure! The difference between gold and silver colored tokens? The difference between a 2 D or 3 D design? A beautiful picture of a carwash token? A picture of an original application of a token or just a very clear image of a token in […]

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Brass tokens used as water valves

13 June 2017

The “water” department of AGSO ( Autonomous municipality company of Knokke Heist) is responsible for the delivery and the production of drinking water and is waste water manager in Knokke Heist (info : They use our brass tokens as water valve. Before a waterinstallation is approved, they shut down the water supply by using a brass […]

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LARP-tokens for a unique medieval site in Portugal

8 June 2017

In Portugal the development of a medieval site is on going. It is the first time in Portugal a private property is destined exclusively as a recreative medieval site. The site is situated in Pernes. In this area King Alfonsus camped in 1147 (12 th century) , the night before he reconquested Santarém and then […]

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Find the golden tokens and win a “escape” game at the Golden Cage

22 May 2017

In the heart of Mechelen you will find the Golden Cage Escape Games. Lock up yourself with a few friends or colleagues in a mysterious room. You have one hour to escape from this room. The key: solve a series of interesting and varied puzzles. Collaboration and inventiveness are crucial for this. Furthermore, you will […]

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Pannini issues a collection commemorative coins for the hundredth Giro of Italy

16 May 2017

Topolino magazine and Disney comics magazines celebrate the 100°edition of  the “Giro D’Italia” (Tour of Italy) with a special collection of 8 copper medals and themed comics stories. The Tour of Italy is a famous bicycle road race held in Italy, every spring. This year the Tour can be considered the most important sport event […]

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