Tokens & Innovation go hand in hand

19 October 2017

Mauquoy Token Company recently produced tokens for DONG Energy. DONG Energy is the largest developer of Offshore Wind and is located in Danmark. You can find more information here: The tokens  help to strength their innovation culture. DONG Energy has a history of innovation since its beginning, stablishing the first ever offshore wind farm in […]

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2D versus 3D design

10 October 2017

Our coins can be minted with a 2D or 3D design on one or both sides. Castles, cathedrals and monuments are beautiful as 2D coins. Also, objects with “symmetrical” lines are best made in 2D because the third dimension “depth” gives more “noise” than desired. 2D simplifies the design, whereas 3D shows the full granularity. Therefore, […]

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Peace begins with a smile….Photo boot tokens

25 September 2017

Smiletronic, is an Austrian company specialized in photo boxes, photo boot and photo cabines. (for more info check We recently produced a very nice gold colored token for them. It will be used by Smiletronic for free credits in their Europe wide smiletronic photoboot machines. The token is made in brass which gives the […]

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Yess I will

12 September 2017

Are you looking for an original and unique souvenir for a one by one unique event such as a birth, a marriage, an anniversary,… ?? Than you are at the right place at Mauquoy Token Company. ( You can already personalize coins or tokens from 100 pieces.( Recently we made this beautiful pearls of tokens […]

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Gold and silver plated coins

5 September 2017

No alloy shines as bright as true silver and gold. If you are looking for a very high end coin, we can produce 24 carat gold plated coins and 99.9% silver plated coins. Gold and silver plated coins look similar to solid gold and silver coins, but they can be offered at a fraction of […]

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Brand tokens – have a beer!

24 August 2017

Whalers Brewing Company is a beer company based out of Rhode Island, the smallest state in America. As part of their business, they have a large taproom where the public can come and sample from a rotating menu of 6 beers on draught, including their Flagship ales, as well as their limited, seasonal and specialty […]

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Custom or standard designs

18 August 2017

Your token can be pre-viewed in the personalised image and/or text of your choice.  A mould (die) must be made for each side, so a share of the moulding costs will be accounted to you. Alternatively, you can use one of our standard logos free of charge. All dies and logos remain in our possession […]

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Mauquoy cleans up and is having a party

11 August 2017

Cleaning (up) en having a party are perfectly combinable. Mauquoy Token Company proved that last month. In order to cope with the steady growth of Mauquoy Token Company, the building next door was bought at Zone Reme in Westerlo. This will imply a doubling of the office and production surface. At the latest the beginning […]

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Mauquoy takes care of the “finishing touch” for plastic outdoor furniture.

4 August 2017

Lignarius is a company, specialized in tight design outdoor furniture made of massive PP plastic plates. Because of the careful craftsmanship, customization is no problem. The precious welding creates a breathtaking result. Additionally the material is also uv resistant. In order to launch the range of products, LIgnarius organizes a pop up store during the […]

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Vending tokens for Comics Station Antwerp

26 July 2017

Comics Station Antwerp is the new indoor theme park starring the most popular Belgian comic heroes. Spike and Suzy, Jommeke, The Kiekeboes, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke and Urbanus are happy to welcome you! Get ready for a truly unique experience, as this is the first park in the world that’s located in an international train […]

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