Spring- cleaning is in the air

24 April 2018

On April the 19 th 2018 Antwerp (Kempen) entrepeneurs cleaned up again. This occurred in the context of the annual litter removal campaign for companies organized by IOK. The IOK is an intermunicipal company whose aim is to prevent and reduce waste. Nice to know is that original cycle bags were made from the banners […]

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Fundraising tokens for the 20 th anniversary of Child Focus

17 April 2018

On Saturday the 31 th of March 2018 it was exactly 20 years ago Child Focus was raised. The foundation was a direct result of the noise which was created around the Dutroux case. Seven days out of seven, 24 hours a day the organization makes every effort possible in order to retrieve lost children […]

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Arcade tokens for Finnish company

10 April 2018

Reprocade is a Finnish company that does repairs, restoration, selling, renting and operating of arcade video games pinball machines and jukeboxes. They have over 110 games in stock spanning over four decades. Their oldest game is the original Asteroids made by Atari in 1979. For more info Token company produced a arcade token made […]

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A promotional “panda” token made by Token Company

27 March 2018

The German zoo Görlitz ( recently asked us to produce a great token or taler. On one side there was the image of a red panda and on the other side the print of the value “1 panda taler”. Every child received a panda token/taler  along with their entry ticket. With the token they could […]

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Mythic Mauquoy

19 March 2018

Recently we produced a “mythic” token. The token is used as a silver coin for role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, LARP and tabletop games. The aim is to provide beautiful and excellent quality fantasy coins for gamers of all kinds to use however they like in their own games. For more info : […]

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Cryptocurrency : bitcoins, ethereum etc

12 March 2018

Pay with “hard” cash : bitcoins, ethereum, stratis, ripple, electroneum,… A cryptocurrency is a method to exchange virtual currencies. The crypto coins are sent as encrypted series programming code over the internet. That encryption is called ‘cryptography’, hence the term cryptocurrency. You can either buy or sell crypto currency in exchange for real money like […]

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School time for Mauquoy Token Company

28 February 2018

Vlajo stands for Flemish Young Companies. The organisation receives the support of business partners and the government. They want to develop talent in a creative way AND they want to build a bridge between school and business life. Learning by doing is their mission (for more info see Mauquoy Token Company is very willing to […]

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Have a better view of the world with Optana and Token Company

19 February 2018

Optana 22 is a company in Croatia that is specialized in selling glasses to its end customers. So, an optician. (for more information see : The company created a new brand “M” and “W” optical glasses last year. Production of the new brand started up this year. Clients that buy opticial glasses of this new […]

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Work and play @Scaleway

13 February 2018

Scaleway is a cloud division of, itself a subsidiary of the French Iliad group. They provide a service that lets you deploy and manage BareMetal and Virtual cloud SSD servers in an easy and efficient way to scale your projects. Their solution comes with an object storage, Scalable Infinite Storage that enable you to […]

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Juwels & tokens…

16 January 2018

Victoria is selling juwels by a “homeparty” system through consultants. (for more info Each consultant belongs to a specific group guided by a responsible.  The responsible is rewarded with presents depending on the results regarding sales volume and the recruitment of new consultants. A digital saving card summarizes all the points earned by the […]

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