Drink tokens and promotional coins for the “Men of the Year” 1976

23 February 2017

The men of the year “1976” is part of the tradition of “vintages life of Louvain.” Typical of Leuven and unique in Europe and perhaps even in the world. For more than 100 years men of the same birth year unite and they are counting down to their Abraham Year. In addition, they carry the […]

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A “coin of value” for the “Men of Value”

13 February 2017

The “Mannen van Waarde” (Men of Value) are IT consultants. They have three core activities. Proces optimization Selection of software packets Software developments   Through their business background and years of experience in production logistics processes their approach pays off. For more information see The “Mannen van Waarden” saw  a nice idea for a […]

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World Money Fair 2017 Berlin

7 February 2017

Also this year the World Money Fair in Berlin was a big succes. It is the place to be to see old friends and making new contacts. The exhibition area of around 9,000 sq. m. is the worldwide most important exchange platform for the numismatic trade. Information on latest trends and technical developments are as […]

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A coin of “Happiness” – made by Mauquoy Token Company

30 January 2017

Chimney sweeps are a symbol of happiness. That’s why you often see pictures of chimney sweeps on old Christmas and New Year cards. A chimney sweep at your marriage would bring extra luck.  In Germany meeting a chimney sweep in uniform is seen as a sign of happiness. In Croatia it would bring luck to […]

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Chears! Enjoy this exclusive gin with this exclusive drink token!

23 January 2017

“Blind tiger gin” is an exclusive gin produced by Deluxe distillery in Kortrijk The story behind the naming of the gin goes back to the 20s of the last century during the Prohibition Era in the United States. At that times coins (tokens) with the image of a blind tiger were sold, so to say […]

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Souvenircoin Sigmund Jähn

16 January 2017

Sigmund Jähn was born on February the 13 th 1937 in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, Vogtland in East Germany and was the first German astronaut in space. Recently we produced a nice souvenir coin in 3D as a part of the “National Tokens” German coin collection. This coin was produced in response to the German aerospace exhibition. For […]

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Exhibitions 2017

10 January 2017

You can find us this year at following exhibitions Souvenir Fair 2017 – Amsterdam- The Netherlands- from January the 8 th until January the 10 th- Stand 10 The 63nd edition of the Souvenir Fair will be held from Sunday 8 to Tuesday 10 January 2017. This three-day trade fair provides visitors with the opportunity […]

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Our tokens bring light in the darkness

20 December 2016

The province West Flanders organised earlier this month a “walk” through the provincial domain “De Gavers” in Harelbeke (West Flanders) called “Putteke Winter”  (hart of Winter), a light festival. The walk brought the more than 8000 participants during 4,5 km on 23 different places. On each place there was a “light” event to observe such […]

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12 December 2016

“Frimis Salonger” houses a prestigious and exclusive location in the Swedish Örebro. The building dates from 1883. After a exclusive renovation project the salons opened its doors again in October 2016. Both individuals and business people can go there for a very large range of activities : meetings, party’s, events, concerts etc. From now on, […]

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“Stair” tokens for blind or pore sighted people

5 December 2016

A unique application in the renovated Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp. Recently our brass tokens were used in the renovation of  the “Queen Elisabeth hall” in Antwerp. Common thread or even better the “golden” thread in the renovation was the use of the golden color in the entire building. This was also extented in the […]

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