Mauquoy Token Company for champions

7 December 2017

Jordi Van Dingen is the sun of our production operative Eddy Van Dingenen. On August the 13 th he became Belgian Champion cycling in the category of the promises. Something to be extremely proud of! You can find more info on On November the 18 th a champions ball was organized for him. Of […]

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Mauquoy Token Company and the revival of the bread tokens

21 November 2017

In the history of bread making, we see in the 1920s-1940s  the use of bread and milk tokens. They were traditionally used so families could budget their money and trade them in for fresh bread. Grizzly Bagel is a company in New Zealand. They previously sold wholesale breads and at a local farmers market under […]

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Our tokens as lucky charms

14 November 2017

In the context of the “Festival du Conte de Liège” (for more information see -2017) we produced a token that served as a lucky charm. One of the activities of this festival was a search called “Quête de l’amulette porte-bonheur”. Participants received a card with images that they should have stamped. Each time they […]

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Discover our range of stock tokens with standard grooves now!

6 November 2017

Ask for our competitive prices- now with free front plates!  Mauquoy offers a range of stock tokens with standard grooves in common circulation coins sizes. Blank Steel nickel plated 22,30 x 2,00mm 2 standard grooves  (equivalent for 0,20 euro) Blank Steel nickel plated 24,00 x 2,00mm 2 standard grooves  (equivalent for 0,50 euro en 1 euro) […]

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Mauquoy Token Company produces the Dogecoin for Q 42.

25 October 2017

‘A technical innovative internetoffice’ some say. ‘Nerds’ other say.  We say, if we are honest, love good computer programming. But that is not the complete story. Technique is only interesting if “people” are involved. That is why we like it even more that our work is not only useful but also friendly to people. Q […]

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Tokens & Innovation go hand in hand

19 October 2017

Mauquoy Token Company recently produced tokens for DONG Energy. DONG Energy is the largest developer of Offshore Wind and is located in Danmark. You can find more information here: The tokens  help to strength their innovation culture. DONG Energy has a history of innovation since its beginning, stablishing the first ever offshore wind farm in […]

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2D versus 3D design

10 October 2017

Our coins can be minted with a 2D or 3D design on one or both sides. Castles, cathedrals and monuments are beautiful as 2D coins. Also, objects with “symmetrical” lines are best made in 2D because the third dimension “depth” gives more “noise” than desired. 2D simplifies the design, whereas 3D shows the full granularity. Therefore, […]

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Peace begins with a smile….Photo boot tokens

25 September 2017

Smiletronic, is an Austrian company specialized in photo boxes, photo boot and photo cabines. (for more info check We recently produced a very nice gold colored token for them. It will be used by Smiletronic for free credits in their Europe wide smiletronic photoboot machines. The token is made in brass which gives the […]

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Yess I will

12 September 2017

Are you looking for an original and unique souvenir for a one by one unique event such as a birth, a marriage, an anniversary,… ?? Than you are at the right place at Mauquoy Token Company. ( You can already personalize coins or tokens from 100 pieces.( Recently we made this beautiful pearls of tokens […]

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Gold and silver plated coins

5 September 2017

No alloy shines as bright as true silver and gold. If you are looking for a very high end coin, we can produce 24 carat gold plated coins and 99.9% silver plated coins. Gold and silver plated coins look similar to solid gold and silver coins, but they can be offered at a fraction of […]

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