One more moment to look back at the magic of Christmas

7 January 2019

Historalia ( organised during the Christmas holidays their yearly event “the magic of Christmas”. For more information : see It concerns a unique theater walk that takes the visitors into a beautiful Christmas story. It is not an ordinary walk. Historalia productions offers the opportunity to the vistors to admire the inside of some […]

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Happy 2019 ! Joy, peace, love and tokens..

19 December 2018

We are closed from December the 25th up to and including January the 1st 2019. A merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the entire Mauquoy Token Company team.

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Let’s play the game

13 December 2018

Mantis, agame studio in Gent ( is actually developing a virtual reality video game named “Journey for Elysium”.It will become a virtual reality story telling puzzle game. Curious ? Check for more information on Journey for Elysium will immerse players in afictional setting that takes inspiration from Greek, Roman and Etruscan mythology. The player […]

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Looking for inspiration for Christmas ?

7 December 2018

The most expensive Christmas tree in Europe ? It is located in Munich. It is not a classic Christmas tree, but a tree that consists of no less than 2018 golden coins. This represants a value of 2,3 million euro, according to the designers of Pro Aurum, a German seller of precious metals. Together with […]

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Life is a party

21 November 2018

Party alarm is a Dutch company which has as main activitities the organization of outdoor activities on one hand and the rental of party items on the other hand. ( We recently produced for them very nice personalized tokens They will use the tokens in their arcades, slot machines and game machines. The machines will be […]

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The sky is the limit, defenitely !

14 November 2018

How many languages are there in the world ? What are the ten most spoken languages in the world ? How many languages will be there in hundred year ? Or languages dying too ? There are a lot of questions that can be asked and there are no easy or straight answers to all […]

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Barber tokens with a touch of “eco”

8 November 2018

Noble Savage is a new “steampunk” style barbershop opening in November in Den Haag. For more info : or We made some beautiful personalized tokens for them. We asked the owner what they would be used for : “The tokens will be used as a replacement for cadeau cards, no disposable paper or plastic magnet strip […]

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Detected by Token Company…

25 October 2018

Eb Elettronica is a center that sells all kinds of metal detection materials. They organised a rally of Metal detecting named “Thriatlon” on September the 23 rd. Three challenges have tested the most experienced seekers on land, on the beach and in the water. It was a race against time, three races of precision and […]

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Back into time… with Queen Artemisia, Roy Casagranda and Tokencompany

18 October 2018

At a time when saying a woman’s name in public in Athens is taboo, Princess Artemisia dreams of replacing her father as the King of Halikarnassos. But horses do not gallop on clouds. As the kings of Caria plot and scheme to use her for their own ends, Artemisia cunningly outmaneuvers them in the palace […]

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Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts

9 October 2018

Lolly Polly is an ice cream and coffee shop chain in Southern Poland. The tokens we made for them are used for the local tour guides and for their best clients in the Ice cream and coffee shop chain. They are fully exchangeable for a cup of coffee or Lolly Polly ice cream scoop. […]

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