Metal tokens

Metal tokens are exceptionally strong and almost indestructible. They are manufactured from durable alloys and are therefore ideal for intensive use in vending machines, change machines barriers, laundries, car wash stations, solariums, casinos and arcades. A custom metal coin is also a durable promotional product with great longevity, fit to be used as trolley coins, loyalty tokens and challenge coins.

Because of the unique combination of diameter, thickness, material and design, we make for you a truly unique product, to be used as your internal currency. Tokens provide more safety in your vending machines and customers return to use their remaining tokens as your custom token can only be used on your premises.

The ideal combination of metal and dimensions depend on your application and volume. We make brass coins, nickel silver coins, aluminium and tin bronze coins, gold and silver colored coins. In our coin minting facilities we can certainly make the perfect custom token for you. These coins can be minted with a 2D or 3D design on one or both sides.

Browse through the available materials on our website for more information on our offering. Please contact us any questions on how to buy custom coins online.

You can consult our full custom metal tokens catalogue.


Are you looking for a specific kind of token or coin? Or you do not know which token you need exactly? We are happy to help you with finding a custom solution tailored to your needs.  
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