Plastic tokens

Plastic tokens are perfect to use as means of payment at events and trade fairs, as an original
calling card, a promotional gift or a gift voucher. We also have an extensive range of tokens
for use in fun fair rides and attractions.

We make plastic tokens in an infinite number of shapes and colours. A text of your choice,
your logo or your brand name can be printed on the token in one or multiple colors.

We offer the broadest product range of plastic in the market: plastic embossed tokens, monocolor print tokens, full color print tokens, fun fair tokens, festival tokens, stirring sticks and sorting trays.

Whether you are looking for tokens for an event, pub, promotional campaign or other purpose, do not hesitate to consult us for advice. Our sales staff is happy to advise you in order to find the perfect plastic token to suit your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Designs for plastic tokens are not kept for more than 5 years.

Are you looking for a specific kind of token or coin? Or you do not know which token you need exactly? We are happy to help you with finding a custom solution tailored to your needs.  
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