Tokens and coins

Metal tokens span a broad variety of products. We have the largest product offering in the market: gold coins, silver coins, bronze coins, nickel coins, copper coins… We can make simple brass coins for vending machines, aluminum tokens as drink token to highly sophisticated nickel silver collectors coins. Contact us to design the token of your choice.

Bi-metal tokens are typically used as high security tokens to avoid fraud in game machines or regions with many vending machines. Bi-metal tokens are also used as highly exclusive promotional coins.

Pierced tokens (coins with a hole) have a particular weight, giving tokens an effective security feature in electronic coin validators. In some countries, tokens are obliged to have a hole to distinguish them easily from circulation coins.

Grooved tokens (coins with grooves) were designed for mechanical coin validators. Most mechanical coin validators accept any coin of a somewhat similar size, resulting in a broad acceptance range. The unique grooves fit through a front plate, giving the system a convenient mechanical safety feature.

Plastic tokens are mostly used as drink token or promotional giveaway. Plastic coins offer unlimited possibilities in terms of color, personalization, or shape at unbeatable prices. By personalizing your drink tokens you can avoid fraud at your event.

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