Grooved tokens

Grooved tokens are tokens with a groove on obverse (front side) and/or reverse (back side). Due to the grooves, grooved tokens have a particular side profile that corresponds to the profile on the front plate of a mechanical coin validator. Only grooved tokens with the right profile will pass through the front plate.

Mechanical coin validators work with simple mechanisms, validating coins entered with a similar size. By securing the coin validator with a front plate, only the grooved tokens are accepted. This mechanism exists already for a long time and is still used in applications with low security requirements such as shower tokens, golf tokens, barrier tokens, coffee machines or locker tokens.

Grooved tokens are gradually disappearing as vending machines with electronic coin validators provide more remote management options to the operator. Electronical coin validators can measure the entered tokens with very high precision, making the grooves a redundant feature. Grooved tokens are mostly seen in circulation coin sizes due to a broad availability of standard mechanical coin validators for such sizes.

We offer four types of grooved tokens: standard grooves, square grooves, tailor made grooves and ring relief tokens. We have a few stock tokens with standard grooves in common circulation coin sizes that are offered with front plates.

Are you looking for a specific kind of token or coin? Or you do not know which token you need exactly? We are happy to help you with finding a custom solution tailored to your needs.  
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