Pierced tokens

We offer three kinds of holes in tokens: round central holes, side holes and custom holes.

Round central holes are the most common and are manufactured fully automatic with the utmost precision and consistency from piece to piece. These holes are positioned exactly in the middle and work as additional safety as the hole gives the token a unique weight-size ratio to which the vending machines are programmed. Tokens with round central holes are also used to distinguish them easily from other coins without holes. In some countries metal tokens are obliged to have a hole to distinguish them from circulation coins.

Side holes are typically pierced to manufacture coins for necklaces and keychains. Hence, coins with side holes are generally made in the size of circulation coins for trolley tokens and collectible coin size for necklaces. Side holes have to be positioned very precisely and have to be produced by hand.

Custom holes are made to the wishes of the customer. Custom holes can have any shape or place on the coin. Because the holes have a unique shape, they are very difficult to copy. Due to the unique weight-size ratio, they are mostly used for high security purposes such as game machines.


Are you looking for a specific kind of token or coin? Or you do not know which token you need exactly? We are happy to help you with finding a custom solution tailored to your needs.  
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