Gold tokens

Many metal tokens and coins are gold colored. We offer all the important gold colored alloys used for the production of tokens.

Brass is the most used alloy for vending machines and game tokens because of its excellent price-quality. Brass is a corrosion free, high precision non-ferrous alloy and can therefore be used in any vending machine.

Nickel brass is a rare and secure alloy, mostly used in high security applications such as casinos and arcades where they can represent significant monetary values. Here you can find more details about the different types of nickel brass offered.

Nordic gold has strong anti-tarnishing features, making it very popular for collectible coins.

Aluminium bronze is a high security alloy that is only manufactured for circulation coins and high security tokens. It has 92% copper and is prone to tarnishing, giving it an aged look.

Steel brass plated is gold colored metal and is a great base metal to make cheap coins in large quantities, mostly used for promotional purposes.

Please contact us for availability of other gold colored alloys.


Are you looking for a specific kind of token or coin? Or you do not know which token you need exactly? We are happy to help you with finding a custom solution tailored to your needs.  
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