Red tokens

Some metal tokens and coins have a special color. Most non-gold and silver tokens have a reddish color or shine. Next to copper we offer a few alloys with special colors.

Copper is by far the best known red colored alloy used for coins and tokens. Copper is particularly prone to tarnishing, giving the coins an aged appearance. Copper is both chosen for its antique look in board games, RPGs as well as vending and game machines for its unique conductivity. Plated copper is frequently used in vending machines.

Tin bronze has a red-brown color. Due to the high presence of copper, tin bronze is just as prone to tarnishing as copper. Tin-bronze is a rare alloy and, even though it is not only produced for the coinage sector, can be considered as a secure alloy. For this reason, tin bronze tokens are mostly used for high security vending applications.

Alloy 725 has a pink-silver color. Alloy 725 is extremely resistant to temperature and climate fluctuations. Alloy 725 is also a rare alloy and secure alloy, even though it is not only produced for the coinage sector. In addition, because alloy 725 has such a unique color and because it is fairly difficult to produce, it is particularly popular for casino tokens, both in metal token and in bi-metal combination.

Please contact us for availability of other red or special colored alloys.


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