From Puzzle to Prize: Mauquoy Token Company’s Coin Elevates ADnigma’s Puzzle Box

26 Oktober 2023

Mauquoy Token Company, known for its craftsmanship in metal coin manufacturing, has partnered with ADnigma, an innovative puzzle creator, to produce a captivating reward for puzzle enthusiasts. The collaboration brings forth an exceptional coin that awaits those who successfully navigate the challenging puzzles concealed within the ADnigma puzzle box.   The ADnigma puzzle box, which […]

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Record €206 sale for a National Tokens Collectors Coin

8 März 2023

Going once, going twice, … SOLD! A 2010 National Tokens coin produced for Pairi Daiza, a popular zoo and botanical garden in Belgium, was sold on eBay for an impressive €206. This marks a record high for a single National Tokens coin to be sold within collectors markets. The coin, which featured „the Kingdom of […]

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Die Heilige Dreifaltigkeit in der Hauptstadt von Georgien

27 Juni 2022

Ein dreifaches Hurra für alle, die die Sameba-Kathedrale in Tiflis besuchen. Einer der Höhepunkte der georgischen Hauptstadt.   Die, zwischen 1995 und 2004 erbaute, Kathedrale ist mit 87 Metern die dritthöchste orthodoxe Kathedrale der Welt. In ihrem Inneren sind wunderschöne Gemälde zu sehen, die von der Hand des Patriarchen Ilja II stammen, der die Kathedrale […]

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Wir können kürzfristlich Einkaufswagen münzen für Sie produzieren

6 April 2020

Unter den aktuelle Umständen sind Kunden verpflichtet, einen Einkaufswagen im Supermarkt mitzunehmen. Viele Kunden sind darauf nicht vorbereitet und haben keine Münzen mit Ihm. Es ist also die perfekte Gelegenheit , um Ihren Kunden personalisierte Einkaufswagen Münzen aus zu teilen. Gemeinsam kämpfen wir gegen Korona!Einkaufswagenchips sind ideale Werbegeschenke für Kunden. Es ist ein billiges, aber […]

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Tokens for El sombrero in Italy

17 Juli 2019

Is there a better timing possible to make tokens for a beach club, restaurant and disco in Italy ? In the middle of this great summer of 2019 we were asked to make drink tokens for El sombrero. El sombrero Sperlonga Spiaggia is a disco  located in one of the most picturesque bays of the […]

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Squirrel and hedgehog for Farup Danmark

10 Juli 2019

Fårup is one of Denmark’s largest tourist attractions with plenty of wild, fun and crazy water activities for the whole family. Everything from wild roller coasters and a children’s theme park to Denmark’s largest and wettest water world. ( On behalf of National Tokens, we were entitled to produce two beautiful coins for the expansion […]

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Mauquoy Token Company wishes you a lovely summer and holidays

4 Juli 2019

We hereby would like to wish all a lovely summer and nice holidays. As usual , Mauquoy Token Company stays up and running all summer (except in July on Monday the 22 nd and  in August Thursday the 15 th) and so we are all ready to help you with the best possible advice. Any […]

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Mauquoy Token Company cares about nature

19 Juni 2019

Just to inform you that the concern about our ecological footprint is on top of our mind lately We like to share with you some (recent) initiatives Endorsement of an environmental policy Installation of Led lightening in our offices Participation in local initiatives such as the collection of waste in the industrial zone Maximal use […]

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Our tokens show you the way…

4 Juni 2019

Doloris is „the“ new creative complex in the Netherlands. It consits of a „climb-through“ art experience and a giant rooftop bar. The complex opened its doors at May the 17 th. ( The official name of the maze is called Meta Maze and should become the new creative attraction of Tilburg. It stimulates your senses […]

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Like a puppet on a string…

22 Mai 2019

Peus de Porc is the name of a company of Puppets and street shows. ( ). The company is located in Catalunya (Spain). The company plays in different places in Europe. An important Puppet Festival in the region of Catalunya ( takes place these days. On this festival Peus de Porc will propose its new […]

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