National Tokens coins at the secured entrance of the Aosta Valley

18 August 2021

Fort Bard (Forte di Bard) is a 19th century fortress of the House of Savoy, located at an imposing rock spur above Bard, a town in the Aosta commune in Italy. Nowadays this fortified complex hosts the Museum of the Alps, the “Prisons”, the Fortresses and Frontiers Museum, as well as permanent and temporary exhibitions. […]

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Wellness for horses

20 July 2021

“Paardenboxen Herman” is a company in Aalbeke (Belgium) specialized in selling and installing horse stables. Ranging from basic stables to the most luxurious versions. Whether it concerns indoor stable-boxes, a complete outdoor stable, washing area or even a complete equestrian complex, however large or small they think along with the customer and are happy to […]

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Mauquoy Token Company wishes you a lovely summer and holidays

6 July 2021

We hereby would like to wish all a lovely summer and nice holidays. As usual , Mauquoy Token Company stays up and running all summer (except in July on Wednesday the 21 st  and  in August Monday the 16 th) and so we are all ready to help you with the best possible advice and […]

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Chick&Cheez and tokens …

22 June 2021

Chick&Cheez is a restaurant that will open soon in June in Luik, a city in Belgium They will serve all kinds of different “chicken” dishes. The restaurant will have an arcade that operates on arcade tokens. We  made some really beautiful personalized tokens for them. One side is personalized with their logo and the […]

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A new star is born : ” The coaching coin”

10 June 2021

We have spent thousand of hours coaching clients from dark places to light or into peak performance states. On top of this we have distilled the questions that make the biggest neurological difference to shift the brain from fear of failure to solutions. The core mistake many seem to make, is to try to understand […]

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Great fun with PimPamParty

3 June 2021

PimPamParty was acquired by the Cronos Groep in 2019. The main activity is the rental of themed suitcases for birthday parties for children aged 4-12 years. (for more info They currently have 9 themed suitcases. The leading ones are the detective suitcase, fairy suitcase and the fashion suitcase. Such a suitcase contains everything for […]

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We’ve arrived in South Portugal

18 May 2021

Olá ! Welcome to Évora ! The UNESCO Medals made for our client National Tokens have arrived in the historic capital of the Alentejo, Portugal! Évora is a delightful Portuguese city full of charm and fantastic buildings. For years, it has been a major trading- and religious centre.  Even today, the city is vibrant and […]

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The N2 – Portugal’s Route 66!

12 May 2021

Did you think you had to travel to the USA to find an adventurous route for a road trip? Nonsense, in sunny southern Europe you can find the N2 (Nacional 2) which takes you from Portugal’s North all the way to the South. The journey begins just below the northern border of Portugal in Chaves. […]

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Mauquoy Token Company gets the best out of SAP Business One

5 May 2021

It has been a while now that we have implemented our ERP- system SAP Business One but recently SAP Belgium published our succes story. Let’s share this! Mauquoy Token Company has been producing tokens and coins in all shapes and sizes for more than a century and a half. Millions of largely automatically produced […]

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New building Royal Dutch Mint in a comic

20 April 2021

Look at this! The new building of our sister company, The Royal Dutch Mint, is displayed in 1,000,000 (!) Scrooge McDuck comic books. This publication is part of the annual “European Money Week” in the Netherlands which took place from 22 to 26 March. Money Week is an initiative of the platform “Wijzer in geldzaken” […]

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Tokens for El sombrero in Italy

17 July 2019

Is there a better timing possible to make tokens for a beach club, restaurant and disco in Italy ? In the middle of this great summer of 2019 we were asked to make drink tokens for El sombrero. El sombrero Sperlonga Spiaggia is a disco  located in one of the most picturesque bays of the […]

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Squirrel and hedgehog for Farup Danmark

10 July 2019

Fårup is one of Denmark’s largest tourist attractions with plenty of wild, fun and crazy water activities for the whole family. Everything from wild roller coasters and a children’s theme park to Denmark’s largest and wettest water world. ( On behalf of National Tokens, we were entitled to produce two beautiful coins for the expansion […]

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Mauquoy Token Company wishes you a lovely summer and holidays

4 July 2019

We hereby would like to wish all a lovely summer and nice holidays. As usual , Mauquoy Token Company stays up and running all summer (except in July on Monday the 22 nd and  in August Thursday the 15 th) and so we are all ready to help you with the best possible advice. Any […]

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Mauqouy Token Company cares about nature

19 June 2019

Just to inform you that the concern about our ecological footprint is on top of our mind lately We like to share with you some (recent) initiatives Endorsement of an environmental policy Installation of Led lightening in our offices Participation in local initiatives such as the collection of waste in the industrial zone Maximal use […]

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Our tokens show you the way…

4 June 2019

Doloris is “the” new creative complex in the Netherlands. It consits of a “climb-through” art experience and a giant rooftop bar. The complex opened its doors at May the 17 th. ( The official name of the maze is called Meta Maze and should become the new creative attraction of Tilburg. It stimulates your senses […]

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Like a puppet on a string…

22 May 2019

Peus de Porc is the name of a company of Puppets and street shows. ( ). The company is located in Catalunya (Spain). The company plays in different places in Europe. An important Puppet Festival in the region of Catalunya ( takes place these days. On this festival Peus de Porc will propose its new […]

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The black sheep

16 May 2019

Le Mouton noir (black sheep) is a bar/restaurant situated in Luxembourg. Their mission : everybody dreams of “being different” from time to time.. everybody wants to do things differently than others sometimes… everybody wants to live an original life… We want to breath a differtent air, we want to eat in a different way.. We […]

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Once upon a time…

7 May 2019

“Once upon a time…” We all know stories beginning with these four words. From Finland to the Mediterranean, from the Celtic countries to the Balkans, tales are part of our common heritage. They belong to our collective imagination. In its new exhibition “The Fairy Tale Factory”, the MEG explores this universe which is both familiar […]

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