Promotional tokens for a charming hotel in Spain (Madrid)

13 May 2020

Los Corrales de Soto stands for a small and charming hotel,  a very cosy and intimate restaurant and a magnificent summer terrace. They are located in Spain near to the National Parc Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid). The owners launched the idea to distribute promotional tokens among their clients for all kind of promotions. They will […]

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Together against corona

6 May 2020

We produced this beautiful and symbolic coin for our client National Tokens. In honor of all the heroes that have stepped up to fight against COVID-19 they have created a limited edition coin. The new, exclusive coin is available in gold and silver colour, with or without keychain and can be bought through their webshop […]

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Cheers! On to better days!!

23 April 2020

In the hart of the Italian Dolomites you can find the “jewel” village San Vigilio. The area has two nature parks and is known as Unesco World Heritage area. ( The tourist info of San Vigilio has planned to organize a wine and beer tasting in the summer of 2020 if the Corona crisis is […]

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Gold colored tokens for Golden Palace

16 April 2020

Golden palace is a company active in the casino world of games and betting. More info on They are sponsor of three “e-sport” competitions from two different, but co-operating, companies. The best teams in these competions will participate to a final event organised by both companies. During this event the tokens will be used […]

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Tokens in copper alloys against COVID 19. (Corona virus)

6 April 2020

In China copper is called “qi” and is the symbol for health. In Egypt it was called “ankh” the symbol for eternal life.  In India, for instance, people have been drinking out of copper cups for millennia. For years all kind of organizations made studies about the behavior of viruses on different surfaces. A remarkable […]

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We can produce trolley tokens for you very quickly.

24 March 2020

Customers are obliged to take a trolley in the supermarket these days. A lot of customers are not prepared to this situation and don’t have coins in their pocket. The perfect moment to distribute personalized trolley tokens to your customers. Let’s fight together against corona!   Shopping cart or trolley tokens are the ideal giveaway […]

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Teacher for one day

9 March 2020

Vlajo stands for Flemish Young Companies. The organisation receives the support of business partners and the government. They want to develop talent in a creative way AND they want to build a bridge between school and business life. Learning by doing is their mission (for more info see Mauquoy Token Company is very willing to […]

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Discover our range of stock tokens with standard grooves now!

19 February 2020

Did you know Mauquoy offers a range of stock tokens with standard grooves in common circulation coins sizes. -Blank Steel nickel plated 22,30 x 2,00mm 2 standard grooves  (equivalent for 0,20 euro) –Blank Steel nickel plated 24,00 x 2,00mm 2 standard grooves  (equivalent for 0,50 euro en 1 euro) –Blank Steel nickel plated 26,00 x […]

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Are you ready for the upcoming season ?

12 February 2020

The next season is coming up !  Perfect timing to focus on our car wash tokens. Please contact us if you have any questions! Many car washes have a change machine that dispenses tokens to use in the boxes or with vacuum cleaners. This allows to accept payment methods without staff and a limited investment […]

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Our coins in the pink box

22 January 2020

Did you know that you can find the coins of our sister company Vistamint in the pink box ? The pink box ? The pink box is a box you receive through gynaecologists or pharmacies after a few months of pregnancy. It is a gift box full of useful information about pregnancy, breastfeeding and health… […]

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Traer un poco de luz y alegría a través de nuestras fichas en los oscuros días

4 November 2019

La provincia West Vlaanderen organizó el pasado invierno un paseo a través del parque provincial “De Gavers” en Harelbeke.  Se trató de un festival de luces llamado “Putteke Winter” (Corazón del invierno).  El paseo condujo a los más de 8000 participantes durante un trayecto de 4,5km, a través de 23 puntos de interés, cada uno […]

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24 September 2019

“Frimis Salonger” alberga un prestigioso y exclusivo club en el sueco Örebro. El edificio data del 1883.  Luego de una profunda renovación, los salones abrieron sus puertas nuevamente en octubre de 2016. Tanto hombres de negocio como particulares pueden servirse de los locales para una amplia gama de actividades: reuniones, fiestas, eventos, conciertos, etc. Desde […]

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Una aplicación única en la renovada Sala “Reina Elisabeth” en Amberes.

20 August 2019

Nuestras fichas de latón se integraron de forma creativa en la renovación de la Sala “Reina Isabel” en Amberes. El hilo común o, para decir mejor, el hilo “dorado” en la renovación fue el uso del color dorado en todo el edificio. Por esta razón, se decidió recurrir a nuestros tokens de color dorado en […]

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Mauquoy Token Company produce fichas para máquinas Coca Cola expendedoras de bebidas

17 July 2019

Mauquoy Token Company, el mayor fabricante belga de fichas metálicas y tokens tiene el placer de anunciar una famosa referencia. Las máquinas expendedoras de bebidas de Coca Cola, el mayor productor y distribuidor mundial de refrescos, utilizarán en lo adelante fichas de Mauquoy Token Company!  Se trata de fichas de latón con dimensiones muy específicas […]

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Automechanica Fair Frankfurt 2016

9 August 2016

Durante la Feria Automecánica de Frankfurt 2016 tendremos el placer de darle la bienvenida en el Hall F10-stand D11, desde el 13 y hasta el 17 de septiembre de 2016. Visite la web  para más información!

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