Looking for inspiration for Christmas ?

Looking for inspiration for Christmas ?

7 December 2018

The most expensive Christmas tree in Europe ? It is located in Munich. It is not a classic Christmas tree, but a tree that consists of no less than 2018 golden coins. This represants a value of 2,3 million euro, according to the designers of Pro Aurum, a German seller of precious metals. Together with the star, that adorns on top of the tree, we are talking here of 63 kilogram of pure gold!

If you want to admire the three yourself it is possible until December the 15 th in the “gold house” of Munich. (https://www.proaurum-goldhaus.de/)

Of course you can make your own three alike with “gold-colored” coins in stead of real golden coins and you can allways order those at Mauquoy Token Company.

Or do you prefer silver colored coins or do you even fancy red colored coins to decorate your Christmas three ?

We think it is worth trying it!


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