Work and play @Scaleway

Work and play @Scaleway

13 February 2018

Scaleway is a cloud division of, itself a subsidiary of the French Iliad group.

They provide a service that lets you deploy and manage BareMetal and Virtual cloud SSD servers in an easy and efficient way to scale your projects. Their solution comes with an object storage, Scalable Infinite Storage that enable you to store any documents, images, videos, files and retrieve them at a later time from anywhere in a programmatic way.

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Because Scaleway is growing, they recently invested in a new building. The aim was to make the new building as attractive as possible. So they installed various arcade machines in these new premises. Members of the staff who do some great job for the company can earn tokens, so they can play on the arcade machines. We made some very nice personalized tokens for them in brass.

A very nice way to stimulate staff !  Good luck for the team ! (and a lot of tokens)


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