Tokens & Innovation go hand in hand

Tokens & Innovation go hand in hand

19 October 2017

Mauquoy Token Company recently produced tokens for DONG Energy.

DONG Energy is the largest developer of Offshore Wind and is located in Danmark. You can find more information here:

The tokens  help to strength their innovation culture. DONG Energy has a history of innovation since its beginning, stablishing the first ever offshore wind farm in 1991. To continue ahead of the industry, we decided to invest in a transformation towards a stronger innovation culture. We are looking to connect people across the organization “Innovation is for everyone”

Tokens will be given to those being creative or having a good idea. They will incentivize employees to share their tokens with others when they see the same behavior.  The purpose of the tokens is to bring awareness and appreciation to an innovative culture at Ørsted (new name). When you pass on a token to a colleague, you are making ‘innovation’ explicit, seen and appreciated, and this supports a transformation of the culture.

We made some beautiful brass tokens for them in diameter 28 mm.

We hope our tokens can inspire a lot of employees of Dong energy to have great innovative and good ideas!


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