A “token-full” day

A “token-full” day

3 July 2018

A few weeks ago we published a testimony of an American client who is a big fan of our tokens and uses them for a lot of purposes.

Well today I just want to tell you about my Saturday and how tokens were part of it all day long.

First thing to do on Saturday morning was a ride to the car wash. My car needed to be cleaned urgently. And of course I used car wash tokens for that.  I also used tokens for the vacuum cleaner afterwards.

After that I went to an event.  Two weeks ago we published the article about the tokens we made for the selection of two athletes of The AC- Lyra team for the Special Olympics WORLD GAMES in Abu Dhabi 2019 https://www.tokencompany.com/go-gold-special-olympics-world-games-abu-dhabi-2019/

The event took place in this context.

The tokens were used for the catering on this event. There was a wide range of food (fresh fruit, home made pasta, hot dogs etc. and drinks available.  (https://www.tokencompany.com/drink-tokens/)

After a nice meal and a cold drink I continued my “journey” to a birthday party of a friend. She surprised us with a visit of an escape room “the golden cage” in Mechelen. We also produced tokens for them a while ago. (https://www.tokencompany.com/find-golden-tokens-win-escape-game-golden-cage/)

We managed to get out in time and also we found the hidden coins in the room. We could use the coins in a crane machine after our game and could win a new escape game or other nice prices. We didn’t have so much luck but we had a wonderful time.

And the fun continued because in Mechelen a fun fair took place in the heart of the city. And of course there again there were tokens all over the place in the coin pushers, rides and arcades. (https://www.tokencompany.com/application/fun-fairs/)

We wish you all a “token-full” day!


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