Find the golden tokens and win a “escape” game at the Golden Cage

Find the golden tokens and win a “escape” game at the Golden Cage

22 May 2017

In the heart of Mechelen you will find the Golden Cage Escape Games. Lock up yourself with a few friends or colleagues in a mysterious room. You have one hour to escape from this room. The key: solve a series of interesting and varied puzzles. Collaboration and inventiveness are crucial for this. Furthermore, you will experience a unique story in each room. For a moment you feel that you are playing the leading role in a movie! Or the story may or may not end in a happy ending, is entirely in your hands. (For more information:

Promoters are always looking for ways to enhance the experience for the participants.

As of today there are two coins hidden in the areas that the escapers should try to find during the game. These coins can be used after the game in a crane machine ( and thus they have a chance to win a new escape game or other nice prizes.

A fun game that, with luck, in the end still holds a nice surprise!

We again delivered with pleasure our contribution to this great project with our wonderful gold colored coins!

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