“Stair” tokens for blind or pore sighted people

“Stair” tokens for blind or pore sighted people

5 December 2016

A unique application in the renovated Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp.

Recently our brass tokens were used in the renovation of  the “Queen Elisabeth hall” in Antwerp.

Common thread or even better the “golden” thread in the renovation was the use of the golden color in the entire building.

This was also extented in the use of “gold” colored tokens for a very specific application.

In order to indicate the start of the first and the last stair to blind or pore sighted people, golden tokens were placed all over the entire width of the stairs. The tokens bring relief in the stairs and so blind people know perfectly when they arrive on the first and the last stair.

Mauquoy Token Company produced the tokens for this unique application. To obtain the golden color “brass” was used to produce the tokens.

A “golden” example which proves that “practical” and “aestetic” solutions can walk hand in hand.


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