Larp tokens

Larp tokens

14 March 2017

Priceless Guild is a voluntary organization that aims to introduce young people to life-size role-playing (GN or LARP) through values of mutual support, respect and fun!

In the Larp games, you play a character of your own creation during a weekend. An activity that requires a lot of imagination, theatricality and improvisation but also good reflexes during the combat phases.

Special attention is given to novices and beginners to guide them in extraordinary adventures borrowed from history and magic.

These adventures are made possible thanks to the unconditional support and infrastructures of the CRH Domaine de Farnières.

The first edition of the new game based on the Viking universe will take place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September 2017 on the Domaine de Farnière. (

We are happy we produced the tokens for this event. Our tokens will be used as change coins during the Larp games. Those in aluminum will be worth silver coins while those in brass will be worth gold coins.

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