Fun 4 All

Fun 4 All

8 August 2018

Our tokens are often used in the amusement sector.

More specific you can find our tokens at fun fairs. There are plenty of tokens used on fun fairs, such as in coin pushers, arcades, ride tokens, lucky cranes etc.

Recently we produced such tokens for a Dutch company active in the fun fair sector.

The tokens will be used in the lucky crane. Customers can buy the tokens and play with it on the lucky crane machine. The tokens are personalized with the logo of the company and made in brass.

Brass is a popular material used for this application and gives the token a nice golden color.

Personalized tokens are a great way of branding. Personalized tokens going into wallets of customers are a great and effective way to strengthen your brand name and increase customer loyalty.

We wish you “fun 4 all” with our tokens!



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