Drink tokens for O’ Learys

Drink tokens for O’ Learys

17 August 2018

Drink and food tokens are used as payment token for buying drinks and food at bars, restaurants and events. Drink tokens are also perfect for cash control at events, fairs, festivals, parties, performances, sports clubs and other occasions.

Personalised tokens are chosen to avoid fraud and so people can take it home as a souvenir of the event.

Recently we produced drink tokens for O’Learys. www.olearys.be or https://www.facebook.com/olearysbe/

O’Learys is a great event center in Gent. Modern meetings spaces, curling and bowling lanes, sport and pub games and a nice variety of food and drinks in a fancy sportsbar is O’Learys in a nutshell.

The concept is targeted at a wide range of customers, both private individuals and business people.

The drink tokens are used for the business people (b2b customers). When for instance business people rent an accommodation they receive tokens to pay their drinks with. And so they can keep the “handling” of private individuals and business people separate.

They also use drink tokens to manage the catering of very big (sports)events. Sometimes they have a sport event that is attended by more than 1000 people and than the drink tokens offer the perfect solution.

The tokens are made in brass nickel plated what gives the tokens a nice silver color. The tokens were also personalized with the logo of o’Learys.

We think O’Learys made the right choice with our tokens. So why don’t you choose for O’learys ?


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