More than words can say..

More than words can say..

22 June 2017

One image says more than a thousand words. That’s for sure!

The difference between gold and silver colored tokens?

The difference between a 2 D or 3 D design?

A beautiful picture of a carwash token?

A picture of an original application of a token or just a very clear image of a token in a commonly used alloy?

The realization of a new original project?

From now on we can bring it all to life thanks to our Fotocube. The combination of a picture recording table, tailor made to suit our wishes and a hail-white background, makes it possible for us to make very professional product photos in a moment.

Coins and tokens are not easy to photograph due to the reflection of it. After some practice and a basic training we received from Jeroen Wigman, product photography specialist at Fotocube, we have already been able to make a lot of beautiful pictures.

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Some examples :

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