We wish you …1000 Swedish crowns

We wish you …1000 Swedish crowns

9 March 2017

The Swedish Göteborgs Stadsmuseum opened since September 2016 a new exposition called “precious pieces”. In an 18th century cellar you can admire unique objects from the museum’s collections – objects rarely shown to the public. Diamond rings and coins of solid gold are displayed next to useless bits of wood and worn-out shoes. There are other values in addition to economic value, and this is also something the exhibition wants to show.

For more info : http://goteborgsstadsmuseum.se/en/exhibitions/precious-pieces

In the event of the exposition there is a wishing well in which the public can throw coins.

By throwing coins in the wishing well they can wish “1000 Swedish crowns” to people in need : themselves,  people in Sweden, Europe or the rest of the world.

We made our contribution to the project by producing the coins in aluminum

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