Why use tokens on your upcoming summer event or festival?

Why use tokens on your upcoming summer event or festival?

9 April 2019

Shortly, the season of festivals and summer events wil break out.

Time to zoom in on the advantages of the use of tokens as a payment method.

Tokens are by all means still the most popular means of payment on events such as festivals concerts, pubs, LARPs and other. Personalized tokens reduce the risk of fraud. By centralizing cash receipt and changing into tokens, the event organizer also saves precious time at the bar and can reduce supervision of staff.

Some event organizers use dispensing machines to distribute tokens, some have a manned cash register, some have a VIP area, other don’t,… The tokens of choice depend on parameters that are different for every event organizer. Please contact us to find your token of choice.

  • Festival tokens are used for payment of drinks and food on festivals.
  • Plastic and aluminium are most used materials for their low price and light weight. For the VIP areas or backstage passes, heavier metals and more exclusive metals such as Nordic Gold and Nickel Silver are chosen.
  • Aluminium tokens are made with the same precision as other metal tokens, making them function well in coin counting systems.
  • Personalised tokens are chosen to avoid fraud and so people can take the tokens home as a souvenir of the event.
  • Most popular tokens for events:


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