We can produce trolley tokens for you very quickly.

We can produce trolley tokens for you very quickly.

24 March 2020

Customers are obliged to take a trolley in the supermarket these days. A lot of customers are not prepared to this situation and don’t have coins in their pocket. The perfect moment to distribute personalized trolley tokens to your customers. Let’s fight together against corona!


  • Shopping cart or trolley tokens are the ideal giveaway for customers. It is an economical, but durable personalized gift. Customers are happy to receive a useful gift and keep them in their wallet or on their keychains.
  • For this reason, trolley tokens are generally not thrown away unlike many other free gifts. This makes trolley tokens the ideal giveaway for branding campaigns.
  • Trolley token usually have the size of 1 euro to fit in the shopping cart. As they are not used in coin validators, economical ferrous metals can be used, such as stainless steel and nickel plated steel.
  • Most popular tokens for shopping carts:

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