Tokens for toilets acces control

Tokens for toilets acces control

16 August 2019

  • Public toilets, musea, attractions use tokens in a turnstile to allow access to certain visitors. Turnstiles activated with tokens are a reliable, convenient, cheap and easy way to organise unmanned visitor entry.
  • Payment is centralized elsewhere so the entry line is not delayed with visitors looking or changing money. Working with tokens is a comprehensive solution for any visitors and is highly reliable as it does not depend on sophisticated electronics or software prone to failure.
  • Most popular tokens for access control:


We recently produced tokens to control toilet acces on a motorway in Croatia. In this specific situation customers of the restaurant along the motorway receive a token for a free of charge visit to the toilets when they order drinks. So, our tokens offer a very easy solution to provide service to their customers and meanwhile they can easliy control the acces to the toilets.

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