Our tokens bring light in the darkness

Our tokens bring light in the darkness

20 December 2016

The province West Flanders organised earlier this month a “walk” through the provincial domain “De Gavers” in Harelbeke (West Flanders) called “Putteke Winter”  (hart of Winter), a light festival.

The walk brought the more than 8000 participants during 4,5 km on 23 different places. On each place there was a “light” event to observe such as fire work, special light effects, etc.

The organisation, the province of West Flanders, decided this year to use plastic drink and food” tokens in order to organize the catering  and replace cash and/or paper drink cards.

They were very enthusiastic about it and named advantages such as sustainable, reusable, practical (very few cash handling) and good looking!

We are happy again to know we brought some light in the darkness of December with our tokens.






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