The N2 – Portugal’s Route 66!

The N2 – Portugal’s Route 66!

12 May 2021

Did you think you had to travel to the USA to find an adventurous route for a road trip? Nonsense, in sunny southern Europe you can find the N2 (Nacional 2) which takes you from Portugal’s North all the way to the South.

The journey begins just below the northern border of Portugal in Chaves. From there you drive along Portugal’s longest road, the N2, all the way to Faro on the South coast. This 739 kilometres (453 miles) long snake shaped road goes through the centre of Portugal, connecting (35 municipalities) ancient towns and historical cities divided by a breath-taking landscape. Drive through a wondrous variety of forests, rivers, mountains, vineyards, rocky highlands, valleys and stunning views.

As for every adventure, it’s about the journey and not the destination. The N2 road trip, also known as Rota Estrada Nacional 2, is just perfect when you love slow traveling. Driving this route, you get every opportunity to visit old authentic towns, to discover the tasty local cuisine and lovely culture while enjoying the fantastic nature along the road. On this road you will certainly bump into great people, great food and great wine!

So pack your bags, choose your vehicle, buy the map and don’t forget to search for the special N2 coins along the way!

Mauquoy Token Company produced these coins for its client National Tokens and of cours, once again we are very proud of it!

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