Souvenir coin for Jëkabpils in Latvia

Souvenir coin for Jëkabpils in Latvia

10 July 2020

In honor of the 350th anniversary of the city of Jēkabpils, a souvenir coin of the Latvian National Heritage Collection “Jēkabpils 350” was issued this summer. The souvenir coin is decorated with the city’s coat of arms, while the postcard features the symbols featuring Jēkabpils – Krustpils Castle, the clock of the Old Town Square, the lynx statue of the city symbol and the horse statue of the historic market square. The coin was issued on the initiative of Jēkabpils City Municipality.

Residents and tourists can buy the coin at various places in the city, including the Jëkabpils Tourism Information Center. The price is 4.92 euros.

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We were asked to produce this beautiful souvenir coin.

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