Shower tokens

Campings, holiday parks and hotels often use tokens for consumption in meters for services like showers, sauna, rental sports hall,…

But also tokens for electricity meters for a camper on a camping are a well known and frequently used application.

Shower tokens arrange acces to the shower and/or the water consumption during the shower on a very simple way in campings and holiday resorts. The choice for shower tokens also often has a environmentally related dimension.

Additionaly tokens are a very safe solution for the managers of the camping sites because no money is involved in the machines.

Finally there is less need of staff and controle because the tokens are often distributed by machines.

A small resort in Portugal and more specific in the Algarve is called “Sagres Sun Stay” and is the perfect resort with a surf camping and a hostel for anyone who wants to relax and have some fun!

Every client that buys at least one night in the dormitories has a shower per day included on the rate. Additional shower time will have an additional cost of 1€ and has a limit.

The reason why they have tried to limit the shower time is because they are located in a protected natural park, and so they do their best to be green and eco-friendly.

Token Company provided the hostel with shower tokens to buy (extra) shower time.



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