Ron Colon rum with a touch of tokens

Ron Colon rum with a touch of tokens

10 January 2020

Ron Colon’s story started in 2018 with two befriended colleages, Thurman  Wise and Pepijn Janssens. They went on a trip of 22 days through 16 countries in America. During that adventurous trip El Salvador captured their attention and they decided to create a product that could showcase the honest yet rich and colorful “El Salvador”.

Ron Colon is a cold coffee infused rum that was inspired by the fragnance and the coffee of El Salvador.

For more info :

A beautiful coin is incorporated in the bottle stopper. The idea is to bring back to life the colon currency in the closure of the bottle.

Those beautiful silver colored tokens were produced by Mauquoy Token Company or what did you expect ?

We believe, a very original and succesfull application of our tokens.

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