Promotional tokens for a charming hotel in Spain (Madrid)

Promotional tokens for a charming hotel in Spain (Madrid)

13 May 2020

Los Corrales de Soto stands for a small and charming hotel,  a very cosy and intimate restaurant and a magnificent summer terrace. They are located in Spain near to the National Parc Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid).

The owners launched the idea to distribute promotional tokens among their clients for all kind of promotions. They will offer the tokens to their clients in a personalized wallet of the hotel.

The tokens will have the value of one euro.

They will promote the idea that parents can give tokens to their children and so they ensure that children will spend the tokens for food in the restaurant of the hotel instead of using their money for games etc.

They will also distribute the tokens in the tourist offices in order to attract the tourists to their premises.

Further they are developing gradually more ideas to use the tokens in order to promote their business.

The tokens were made in a gold and a silver colored version. The design refers to their company brand.

Finally the owners told us they were very pleased to work with us on this project which, of course, makes us very proud: “ Muchas gracias por la fabricación de estos token, ha sido un placer trabajar con ustedes”.


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