Plastic festival tokens for Boho Wine Fest in Lier

Plastic festival tokens for Boho Wine Fest in Lier

17 October 2019

At the end of this summer the Boho Wine Fest took place.

Three main ingredients made the festival this successful : “Wine, food and music”.

You could taste 100 wines in a city park in Lier in a very cosy setting. A lot of happy and smiling people enjoyed the sun and the wine of course!

“In vino veritas” was already a statement of Plinius in his work “Naturalis Historia”.

Boho Wine Fest wants to focus on local trade and therefore they work together closely with wine merchants in the neighborhood that offer wines of high quality.

Good food was provided by foodtrucks of local merchants. Life bands made the picture complete by playing some good music. And on Sunday Italy was brought to the festival by Pino Baresi.

The entry was for free. Please check for more information and/or

Payment of the drinks or the food on the event was organised with plastic event tokens provided by Mauquoy Token Company.

We already look forward to the next edition!


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