Pinball tokens for Spain

Pinball tokens for Spain

13 April 2021

Ecc ediciones is a publisher known from the publication “El Catalogo del Comic”. (

“Dark Nights death metal” is a comic also pubished by them.

Apparanlty it is an edition of a kind that has never been published before in the world of comics.

It represents a combination of saga with a legend of music.

This exclusive comic is available in two versions. One of them includes two exclusive music records.

In order to promote this exclusive comic a spectacular pinball will be installed at the different points of sale during a tour, called the Death Metal Tour.

Participants can win exclusive gifts by playing a game with the pinball.

And of course, last but not least players must use a pinball token to play the game. So we were asked to produce this exclusive and personalized pinball tokens.

Another lovely project to participate in!


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