Parking Meter Tokens

Parking Meter Tokens

16 May 2018

Recently we produced parking meter tokens for UTS Technologies.

UTS Technologies are the Authorised partner Distributors in Ireland for Parkeon (now called FlowBird Group) and are the largest manufacturers of Parking Payment and Mass Transit Solutions in the World. UTS has been supplying, installing and servicing Parkeon Pay & Display parkign meters since 1992 and they now have around 4,000 units installed in Ireland. Parkeon probably has almost 1 million Pay & Display meters installed across the World.

The special token will be used to test the Parking Meter. Parkeon has developed unique software that, when the token is inserted into the coin-slot, it commands the meter to do a complete self-diagnostic and returns the token into the coin reject-tray within a couple of seconds so the tokens can be used again and again. When the token is returned the meter automatically prints a control ticket indicating the status of the meter as OK and the time and date the test was performed. This means that the tokens can also be used by parking enforcement staff to verify the meter is working (before they issue any parking fines / citations). Because the token generates a time and dated receipt this can also be used by the Parking Manager / Supervisor to ensure the parking attendants complete pre-planned patrols / routes covering a “beat”.

For us a also a new but very interesting application of our tokens. We are delighted to say we could participate in this particular project.

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