Our tokens show you the way…

Our tokens show you the way…

4 June 2019

Doloris is “the” new creative complex in the Netherlands. It consits of a “climb-through” art experience and a giant rooftop bar. The complex opened its doors at May the 17 th. (https://doloris.nl)

The official name of the maze is called Meta Maze and should become the new creative attraction of Tilburg. It stimulates your senses in such a way that it can lead to a different view of the world. A surealistic maze of 400 square meter, full of art and a high “Alice in Wonderland” content. With 40 experience rooms Meta Maze is the only  “immersive art experience” of this size in Europe and is unique  in the world

On top of the building you can find the Doloris Rooftop. On this unique location at a height of 20 meters you can relax and enjoy the skyline of Tilburg. The rooftop restaurant and the roof terrace make Doloris one of the biggest rooftops in the Benelux.

We were asked to make coins for Doloris. The coin is the official admission ticket to the maze. At the entrance the coin needs to be thrown in a slot and than the experience can start. (https://vimeo.com/332278521)

We are happy to know that we will help to show you the way with our tokens!


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