One more moment to look back at the magic of Christmas

One more moment to look back at the magic of Christmas

7 January 2019

Historalia ( organised during the Christmas holidays their yearly event “the magic of Christmas”. For more information : see

It concerns a unique theater walk that takes the visitors into a beautiful Christmas story. It is not an ordinary walk. Historalia productions offers the opportunity to the vistors to admire the inside of some beautiful castles spread all over Flanders.

Four castles can be found on the list of the “Magic of Christmas” event meanwhile. The project started in the Castle of de Merode in Westerlo (Antwerp) and expanded in 2017 to the Castle of Laarne (East Flanders) and this year the Clastle of Vlamerting (West Flanders) and the Castle of Duras (Limburg) were also submerged in a magical winter ambiance. The actors who bring the Christmas figures “to life” play in a unique setting and all wear beautiful handmade costumes.  Luc Stevens is responsible for the direction. He managed all editions of the magic of Christmas so far as well as all the outdoor spectacles of Historalia (Marie-Antoinette, Albert 1 and Rubens)

In each room of the Castle the spectators can enjoy a piece of theater. In this way, some Christmas figures go along through unique Flemish heritage. Young and old can enjoy the event! Afterwards, the visitors can enjoy a sip and a bite in the cosy winterbar. The catering in the winterbar is organized with tokens made by Mauquoy Token Company. All visitors could end their visit in the right ambiance.


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