Mauquoy Token Company produces the Dogecoin for Q 42.

Mauquoy Token Company produces the Dogecoin for Q 42.

25 October 2017

‘A technical innovative internetoffice’ some say. ‘Nerds’ other say.  We say, if we are honest, love good computer programming. But that is not the complete story. Technique is only interesting if “people” are involved. That is why we like it even more that our work is not only useful but also friendly to people.

Q 42 is a club of computer programmers that develop apps, websites etc. For more info please consult

The tokens were used in a game during the annual company excursion of Q 42. The excursion took place in Italy this year. The game was organized by “The Dogefather” and so de Dogecoin was used.

The staff was divided into different teams. Each team had to come to the Dogefather every evening , who was installed in a hotel room in a mafia atmosphere,  in order to collect their earned tokens.

Some teams were so excited about the tokens that they broke into the Dogfathers room to steal the tokens. A few teams managed to do so but were punished by the Dogfather in an appropriate way.

A very nice application though ?!



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