Mauquoy Token Company keeps it clean

Mauquoy Token Company keeps it clean

2 May 2017

A small act with great results..

The IOK trash action must encourage entrepreneurs to keep their business premises clean and that’s a success. In 2016, 106 companies participated, this year there were 147.

The companies didn’t only sent staff, but business executives also put their hands out of their sleeves and scoured litter in their own zone for an hour. With these actions, IOK obviously wants cleaner business areas, but it’s primarily a sensitization campaign to create more involvement.

IOK also spread bermboards with the message “Just cleaned up, do you keep it clean? Thank you, the “Kempense” entrepreneurs. ”

In this way, 147 companies ask customers, suppliers and other passers-by respect for their efforts.

Mauquoy Token Company participated very enthusiastic at the campaign!


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