Lost in France

Lost in France

9 May 2018

Token Company and Epsilon Escape will help you out.

Epsilon Escape is a complex with escape rooms situated in the heart of Paris. Ever since the opening in January 2016 Epsilon Escape offers an original adventure- The Patient of Room number 8- and a warm reception of its visitors. This room brings back the participants in a psychiatric hospital of the nineties in the tracks of the mysterious Edmond Epsilon.  Tens of thousands of participants have tried to escape from Room number 8. The room received the award of best gameplay on the occasion of Escape Game Awards 2016.

In 2018 Epsilon Escape will open a new room : The Mysteries of the Epsilonium. This time the adventure takes place in an industrial environment and more specific in a factory destroyed by a fire. In this adventure our tokens will have a certain function but Epsilon Escape doesn’t want to tell too much about it in order to keep the secrets secret. For more info :  www.epsilonescape.fr

Apart from the complete establishment of their room and the publication of a few books, they also openend a structure completely dedicated to game design and it is called Epsilon Escape Factory.

So, we produced  a serie of beautiful tokens for their new escape room in Alpaca (silver color).

We wish Epsilon Escape all the best with their new room and other initiatives

Prowd to say that Token Company and Epsilon Escape help people to find their way in the heart of Paris !

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