Let’s start the game

Let’s start the game

12 September 2018

Soedesco is a Dutch game publisher founded in 2002 and established in Rotterdam.

They already published more than 35 games and there are new titles coming up every year. Their portfolio is very various in terms of genre and includes both physical as digital releases.( http://soedesco.com/games/)

The tokens were produced in the context of the Limited Edtion of the game Owlboy.

Earlier this year the physical version was published for PlayStation ®4 and Nintendo Switch.

Owlboy is a very special retro adventure platformer in a detailed pixel art style developed with love by D-Pad Studio. They worked on it for as many as 10 years…

The game tells the story about a somewhat clumsy and uncertain owlboy Otus whose world turns upside down when his country is attacked by air pirates. What follows is a adventurous journey through the clouds en through dark ruins. Otus has to face all kinds of big dangers. Therefore he needs al his courage and the help of his friends.

In the limited Edtion de base game Owlboy is combined with a number of nice accessories among which the coins or tokens. The players are able to collect coins and spend them during the game. (they are called buccanary coins)

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Of course Soedesco is present at Twitter (https://twitter.com/soedesco) ;Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Soedesco/); Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/SOEDESCO)  en Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/soedesco/)

For this application we made some very beautiful gold and silver colored tokens and so we are very happy to know we contributed to a lovely Limited Edition for Owlboy fans from all over the world.


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