Let’s play the game

Let’s play the game

13 December 2018

Mantis, agame studio in Gent (http://mantis.games/) is actually developing a virtual reality video game named “Journey for Elysium”.It will become a virtual reality story telling puzzle game.

Curious ? Check for more information on https://journeyforelysium.be/.

Journey for Elysium will immerse players in afictional setting that takes inspiration from Greek, Roman and Etruscan mythology. The player takes on the role of an unnamed warrior who has died on the battlefield and now finds him/herself on a boat in Penumbra hovering somewhere between life and death. The player must use all his/her wit and skills to overcome a series of increasingly elaborate twists and challenges to reachElysium and obtain redemption.

The launch of the game is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

We contributed to the project by designing and producing a beautiful personalized coin. It became a very big gold colored coin. A coin with “a look” for sure… 

The coins are used as promotional material on events because they are also used “in-game”as a collectible during the game.

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