Have a beer in Paris

Have a beer in Paris

19 June 2018

“Guspil fait sa Choufferie” is a concept/ festival that is created in order to promote the beer “La Chouffe”.

For more information : https://www.facebook.com/SoireeChouffe/.

The pub in Paris “Le baker street pub” participated to this concept on April the 5 th.

It was a great event with music, food and drinks.

Further goodies were distributed and a collector’s glass was created and a tombola took place.

In order to facilitate the catering they used our aluminium tokens on this unique Paris event.

For this purpose aluminium tokens are often used as “drink” tokens and were also chosen by the client for this project.

  • Aluminium tokens are the cheapest metal coins with light weight. Aluminium is therefore the ideal payment token on festivals or bars.
  • Aluminium has the price advantage of plastic, but due to its higher consistency it can used in coin counting machines.
  • Aluminium tokens look good and many people take an aluminum token home as a souvenir.
  • Due to their light weight, aluminium tokens are not recommended for use in vending machines.
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