Happy with our services and/or products? Please let us know !

Happy with our services and/or products? Please let us know !

12 November 2019

Mauquoy Token Companay recently joined the Trustpilot platform.

Trustpilot was created in 2007 as an independent, open platform that sits between companies and consumers and empowers both by enabling collaboration.Trustpilot helps consumers everywhere to find companies they can trust

Research has shown that people want to share their experiences to make things better and when it comes to writing reviews, they won’t stand for censorship or delays. That’s why being open is so important.

We encourage all consumers who have had a buying or service experience to share it with the Truspilot community, because we believe that open feedback delivers real value. Consumers can make more informed decisions when they know what others have experienced and companies can improve and innovate by collaborating with customers and learning from their feedback.

We invite all our customers to review our products and services on the moment they receive our invoice and/or at all time as it is a part of our electronic signature.

So are you happy with our services and/or products ? Please let us know


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