Happy New Year

Happy New Year

15 November 2016

This year, Mauquoy Token Company is very early in wishing you all the best for the New Year.  This has everything to do with a big command we received from a Greek company to produce tokens for the Greek Vasilopita.

Vasilopita ? The old and new tradition that isn’t missing in any Greek family! A big round flat cake made of tsoereki (sweet Easter bread) or (homemade) cake. The upper side is decorated with almonds or icing sugar and the year of the coming year is laid in almonds or in chocolate.  A token is hidden in the cake. At the start of the New Year the vasilopita is divided into pieces and distributed  among all members of the family and the visitors respecting a strict order. The first three pieces are for (1) Christ (2) The mother of God and (3) the House of God.

It is always very exciting to find out who gets the token.

The tradition says that who gets the token will meet a “happy” year.

Mauquoy Token Company has already produced a lot of “luck”!


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