Fundraising tokens for the 20 th anniversary of Child Focus

Fundraising tokens for the 20 th anniversary of Child Focus

17 April 2018

On Saturday the 31 th of March 2018 it was exactly 20 years ago Child Focus was raised.

The foundation was a direct result of the noise which was created around the Dutroux case.

Seven days out of seven, 24 hours a day the organization makes every effort possible in order to retrieve lost children en to stop their sexual abuse, offline and online. For more info :

An employee of Mauquoy Token Company donated 1000 trolley tokens at the local Child Focus volunteer group of Turnhout for the event of the 20 th anniversary of Child Focus.(see Facebook Child Focus Vrijwilligersgroep Turnhout)

The tokens will be used to raise funds in a creative playful way. After al, the volunteer group of Turnhout is frequently present at all kinds of events. (garage sales, sport events…)

During these events all kind of playful activities and games are organized. To participate a small contribution is asked and will receive, by the way of a “reward”, a trolley token. A useful present for a nice gift.

We wish Child Focus and all the volunteer groups all the best in their battle against child abuse and we are proud to announce an employee of our team has contributed to this project!


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