Fishing in the ground ?!

Fishing in the ground ?!

11 May 2017

Minelab International is the world leader in metal detecting technology and is renowned for creating technologically superior metal detectors for detecting enthusiasts across the globe from Australia to Europe. Minelab products are used for a variety of applications, from gold prospecting in Australia and Africa to the search for history in Europe. (for more information :

Every year Minelab hosts a ‘Go Minelabbing’ day (on May the 20 th) where they invite metal detecting enthusiasts, both Minelab and non-Minelab users, to spend a day or two indulging in their favourite pastime at sites all across the globe.

Minelab provides entertainment, product demonstrations and most importantly free detectors as prizes!

In order to make the event as fun as possible entry into the draw for the prizes is usually determined by way of a token hunt where they place tokens across the detecting area and whoever gets the most wins the big prize or a token will gain you entry to the draw. These tokens are a great way to provide a great detecting experience for the participants and also to give them a keepsake of the event. Token hunts are like fishing in the ground but they have guaranteed how many fish there are – you just have to find them!

The tokens produced by Mauquoy Token Company will be sent to events across Europe and they will provide a great experience for the detectorists and a great memento for Go Minelabbing 2017 as well as other events across the rest of the year.

Proud to participate at such a project!

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