Fair Play

Fair Play

19 March 2019

Tennis Vlaanderen is a non profit organisation and is the federation that manages en promotes tennis and paddlesport in Flanders. Tennis Vlaanderen groups 456 clubs and 151.607 members (www.tennisvlaanderen.be).

They work, among other things of course, at a FairPlay project.

The “FairPlay @ Ethias Tour project” aims to motivate young people to gain positive competition experiences in a healthy sport climate.

Together with the clubs and Lotto, they put on their forces on active presence of specific manpower that assist youngsters in the FairPlay experience.

Tennis Vlaanderen asked to produce  toss coins in order to support this project.

The most performing (tennis) referees receive these coins as a gift. They use it to toss (heads or tails) in order to determine which player can choose to start serving or not during the first game.

On one side of the token there is the FairPlay logo. So players are reminded before the match to play fair. And by doing so, players get in touch with the FairPlay project once more. (www.tennisvlaanderen.be/infotheek-document)

We are delighted, we can contribute to the realization of the goal of FairPlay of Tennis Vlaanderen!

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