Event tokens for Paradiso

Event tokens for Paradiso

22 August 2018

Paradiso is a event office in France (department of Versailles) that also realizes audio visual productions.

(http://paradiso.fr/paradiso.fr/ )

They perform all kinds of events from the beginning (concept/idea) untill realization including audiovisual techniques.

A selection of their realizations : symposia, (internal) seminaries, team buildings…

For their own internal company event in the theme of “adventures and adventurers” they needed tokens.

The entire team was divided in different teams. The teams participated in various tests.

Each completed test could result in the earning of tokens. At the end, all earned tokens were collected and could be changed for a reward.

We made some beautiful gold colored tokens for them in brass. On one side there is a compass and on the other side there is an island with the four points of compass.

Once again a nice project with a beautiful token in the main role of the event!


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