Collect all the coins! Taks and Takkers

Collect all the coins! Taks and Takkers

25 June 2020

What is TAKS ?

TAKS is a game created by POG FRANCE.

The game stimulates you to collect 50 TAKS, 20 gold colored TAKKERS and 20 silver colored TAKKERS.

Every TAK or TAKKER tells a story that reveals some interesting details about history, about the world and includes all kind of legends.

It is a game that makes you want to break all kinds of records.

The game is 100% European and pays attention to our planet. All used materials are recycled or recyclable.

For details and all information see :

The TAKKERS are silver and gold colored tokens produced by us.  The 40 mm diameter size of the tokens makes them look very “important”!

Happy and proud to be a part of the game.



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